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Hello and welcome to Los Angeles Animal Removal and Trapping; we are a company that is here to handle full animal trapping and removal services whether you are a home or business owner. We invite your call today at 877-701-9444 so we can provide you with a free estimate on our services.

How Do You Know if You Have a Rat Removal Problem?
Look For Rat Droppings and Listen for Noises

Some people may not know it, but rat and mice infestations are probably the most common intrusions that home or business owners may have to deal with. If you've got a problem with rats, you need to act fast as these filthy little rodents can spread a lot of disease through your property. Rats and mice can usually squeeze through holes about the size of a quarter which means that you may have a rat problem and not even know it.

Rats Removal Is Dangerous, Always Call A Rat Removal Professional based in Los Angeles

When it comes to getting rid of rats and mice, every situation is completely unique and different. Upon our arrival, our company will provide a thorough inspection to make sure we know exactly where the rats and mice are in your property. Once we have identified where they are, our company will begin the trapping and removal process. Just like other filthy rodents, rats and mice will eat any food that they come across and will most definitely contaminate anything they come across. Leaving their urine and feces behind them, they will spread their disease throughout your home or business which can make you extremely sick.

Rat Poison Will Not Solve your Animal Removal Problem!
Call a Rat Removal Expert

Our company has over 20 years of experience in this industry which means we are able to effectively remove all the rats on your property. We highly recommend not trying to poison the rats because you can create a much more complex problem. Although you may kill some of the rats, they may die in very hard to reach spots, leaving you with dead rats around your property. This can be an even bigger problem because there may be even more than you think. Although our company handles dead animal removal, we encourage you to call us first so we can just take care of the rat trapping and removal right away.

Our Rat Removal Technicians Seal Off Entry Points to make sure the Rats Don't Return

Free estimates, appointments, and all other information is available by dialing 877-701-9444. Our company is fully licensed and insured which means you can expect nothing less than exceptional workmanship and top quality customer care. We thank you for reading about our company and invite your call today to learn more. We also proudly serve residents in all surrounding cities of Los Angeles.

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