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Welcome to Los Angeles Animal Removal and Trapping, the company you can trust for all types of animal control services. If you are having a problem with moles on your property, our company is available to take your call at 877-701-9444 to help you out. With a quick call, you are able to get a free estimate on our services, so get in touch with our team today.

Moles Can Damage Your Property. Call the Mole Removal Experts Before They Ruin Your Lawn?

Moles are mammals which are about 7 inches long and are completely covered in fur. Moles have very large paws and claws, webbed feet and almost invisible eyes. Moles live underground mostly and will cause a great deal of damage to pipes, wires, water lines and your garden. Make sure you call a team that has years of experience in handling mole trapping and removal!

Since our establishment over 20 years ago, our company has become a premiere choice for all types of animal trapping and removal services. The first thing we'll talk about when it comes to moles is recognizing when you have them. You'll notice they are a lot like gophers in the sense that they will kick up dirt when digging their tunnels underground. If you see volcano shaped hills of dirt, that's a good indication that you have moles living on your property. In their efforts to make their homes underground, they'll destroy your roots to plants and grass. After destroying your garden and plants, moles will chew through water lines and anything else that is buried underground. Now that we've established the types of damages moles can cause, they also are possibly carriers of rabies. What does this mean for you? Well, if you have animals running around your property, moles can easily transfer this disease to your pets. Trying to trap moles on your own can be a big head ache. Because of their unique digging structures and tunnels, you need a team like ours to handle mole trapping and removal!

We Rid Your Los Angeles Property of Moles Safely and Humanely with a Call to The Mole Removal Service Experts

For your convenience, you can make a quick call over to 877-701-9444 and receive a free estimate on our services. Our company will proudly beat any competitor price, so if you have a quote for mole trapping and removal, give us a call now to speak with our team. We thank you for reading about Los Angeles Animal Removal and Trapping and the services we have to offer. We look forward to your call today!

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