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Stray Feral Cat Removal from Underneath the House, Removing Feral Cats in LA

For a company that handles feral cat trapping and removal in Los Angeles, make a quick phone call over to Los Angeles Animal Removal and Trapping. Our company has the experience and equipment you can trust to get the job done in a timely and humane manner. Don't wait for a problem to get out of hand, make a call to 877-701-9444 today and connect with our staff.

When we start talking about feral cats, a lot of home and business owners may not know the difference between feral and regular cats. Well, the term feral cat is referring to a cat that is born into the wild. In other words, feral cats are the offspring of stray cats. Stray cats are cats which were once domesticated, but have either gotten out, gotten lost, or have been given up by their owners. Feral cats are even more dangerous in the sense that they have never been a pet and have no sense of obedience.

Los Angeles Feral Cats Can be Aggressive and Diseased
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Typical spots for feral cats to make their homes include your crawl space, attic, underneath your deck and even underneath a shed. When you spot a cat running around, you may not know if it is a stray or feral, but you want to always be careful. With over 20 years of experience, our company is highly trained to be able to provide professional, timely and humane animal removal services. Just along with every animal or rodent that you may be dealing with, we recommend to our clients that you don't try to trap the animal on your own. If the cats become threatened, there is a good chance they will attack. What we'll do is not only get the feral cat or cats out of your property, but we will handle the full decontamination of the property as well. These animals can spread their disease and feces which can cause bacteria to go airborne. If this happens, you want to be sure you have our team to call.

So don't take a chance on catching allergies, rabies, ringworm or another nasty disease from feral cats. Make a quick phone call over to 877-701-9444 and speak with our professional staff to set up an appointment, receive a free estimate and more. Los Angeles Animal Removal and Trapping proudly handles residential and commercial jobs for residents all throughout the Los Angeles are. To learn more, connect with our experts today.

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